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Why Choose a Premier Care in Bathing 
ADA Compliant Toilet & Support Rails?

So you can restore confidence and safety
to everyday activities, without 
the fear of slipping or falling.
The Premier Care ADA Compliant Toilet offers safety and ease-of-use in the privacy and security of your own bathroom. Most of us use the toilet many times through the day, but for some it can be a struggle to sit comfortably and to stand after using the toilet.

Our ADA Compliant Toilet is over 3 inches higher than regular toilets and utilizes an elongated bowl for more comfort and ease-of-use.


Height of 18.625 inches exceeds even ADA Compliance Standards and allows for easier access to the toilet both when you’re sitting down and when you’re getting up
Elongated bowl accommodates more body types and keeps the bathroom clean
Minimal water usage for more eco-friendly functionality and lower water bills
SOFTCLOSE™ seat and lid closes behind you, slowly and automatically after you give it a slight push
Colors compliment Premier Care in Bathing Walk-In Baths and Easy-Access Showers
  • Combine these Safety Bars with your ADA Toilet and the worry and fear of using the toilet disappears.
Two 28” reinforced toilet safety bars with swing up hinges made of the highest quality materials and mounting brackets
Provides significantly increased safety during lowering and raising from the toilet
  • Can be mounted on the wall or the floor
  • Swing-a-way design for safety and space utilization
Commercial grade construction for strength and durability
  • Custom mounted for your individual needs

Make your daily routines easy, safe and convenient with the 
ADA Compliant Toilet from Premier Care in Bathing. Premier Care, the world leader in safer bathing products
and accessories. White Glove Installation by our network of highly trained and 
experienced Premier Care in Bathing installers.

We fully guarantee both our products and our workmanship with a comprehensive warranty that is backed by more than 
30 years of service and installation around the world.

Special note: The Premier Care ADA Toilet and Rails can only be purchased in addition to a walk-in bath or shower installation.

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    Premier Care In Bathing is proud to have earned the Arthritis Friendly commendation from Canada’s largest organization for arthritis awareness, The Arthritis Society.
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