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Testimonials by Premier Care in Bathing

Premier Care in Bathing is proud to receive ‘Thank You’ letters from customers every day. Take a look at what our satisfied bathers are saying about their new Walk in Bathtub from Premier Bathrooms Canada.

Thank you so much for making this happen for me. It’s AWESOME. Thank you for giving me some of my independence back. The tub was also top shelf, but I can’t lift my feet anymore so I would only be able to have a bath when Darryl was home to help me. I felt so gross. This is a dream come true. I used it for the 1st time today and ON MY OWN. It was AWESOME.

I am so happy, I could just bust.  The Inspire Shower is wonderful – no step up plus a half door for no leaks and a seat for me and a hand shower – I have never felt so clean since the advancement of my MS.

THANK YOU TO ALL that helped make this happen for me.

Noreen White

P.S. I hope you thanked ALL involved in this shower for me, they ALL deserve it to be sure. I’m still smiling, close to busting.

Please do thank John Canney profusely for me, I could hug you both, but you can pass it on to the rest that helped me. You might want to give the fellas a good hand shake instead of the hug cause they might think of you as a funny bunny. lol

To whom it may concern:
My husband and I wish to express the pleasure we are experiencing with our Aqua-Bathe walk-in bath with side opening door.  It is a great complement to our home.  My husband is 95 years old and able to have a bath on his own for this we are thankful.
The fellows took out our conventional tub and installed the new one in a day and related the tub so well to the rest of the room, which is very small.  We were surprised that it was completed so quickly with very good workmanship.

Thank you
Robert and Margaret Birch
Surrey, BC

P.S. We are thankful for the safety suggestions Dave made recently, they will be a great help when they are installed.  Thank you.

Incidentally, the bathtub and shower is an unqualified success, and my friends tell me that I am now, instead of squawking, am indeed ‘squeaking’!!  I would certainly recommend it to anyone in like circumstances, such as my own.

Arthur Nicklin

Mr. Garrick

We would like to thank Premier Bathrooms for an excellent product… Due to physical limitations we have found this item extends our day to day life in a more independent way…

We would like to extend our thanks to the office staff, the installation crew and the excellent sales presentation…

Other than a minor delay in shipping of the height extensions, we were most pleased with the excellent care that was provided to us… After receiving the height extension we have a perfect bath..

Thanking you for your time and effort

Mrs. R.N.Morrison

To Premier Bathrooms Canada:

I would like you to know that my new Easy Bathe is living up to all my expectations.  It is so easy to open the door, step in the tub and enjoy a quick shower or a soothing, relaxing bath.  So good for aches and pains.  Then, best of all, open the door, step out without difficulty, feeling totally independent and fully refreshed.  Wonderful!

Helen Cox
Sidney, BC

I originally purchased this bathtub for the safety factor and because I missed relaxing in a bubble bath so much.  However, since its installation, in the past four months, I realize that the hydrotherapy feature is the most important to me now.  It has given me new energy and improved wellness, both of which I would not put a price on.

A very warm thank you Jack, as well to Premier Bathtubs, Dion and Mark for my new lease on life.

Jo-Anne Dumas
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dear Jack,

After months of watching commercials with Ed McMahon advertising the many benefits of owning a “Premier bathtub” I finally took the initiative and called the toll free number.  Within a few hours, I received a phone call from you and set up an appointment the very next day.  You arrived on time and were extremely pleasant and helpful, for over two hours, explained the safety features and the benefits of hydrotherapy bathtubs and what this could mean for me.

I am fifty-eight years old, and have been retired for the past few years due to medical reasons.  I was diagnosed with lymphedema (swelling condition), fibromyalgia (pain condition) and arthritis eight years ago.  I have only been able to shower for the past three years as I could no longer get in or out of the bathtub, but have missed the stress relief of bathing.  I live in a house 60 yrs old and was concerned about the installation, etc. which turned out to be no problem at all.  The installers, Dion and Mark, were extremely pleasant, polite and efficient.  They removed the old plumbing and relocated it to the opposite wall.  My hydrotherapy bathtub was completed and installed within six hours, with the water only being turned off for thirty minutes.  They removed all of the old debris and you would have never known any work was done that day.

Dear Sirs

I must write you and let you know how well pleased we are with the tub.

As you remember we had found your ad on internet, TV & Magazine.  We contacted you and bought the walk in tub.  The best investment ever.  Norm had a stroke six years ago.  Radiation for prostate cancer damaged the muscles of the bowel and bladder.  Sitting on a bath stool in the shower does not do the job that sitting in water does.  It soothes and cleanses.

He can now open the door, step in the tub, turn the water on and sit and soak, turn on the hydro water jets and now even his body skin is so much more improved.  It was expensive but cheaper than going in a nursing home.  The cheapest nursing home is $3,300.00 per month per person.  The walk in tub will pay for itself when you consider it.

I say lets enjoy Life.  We’ve earned it.  I recommend it highly.

Marjorie Brown
Paris, Ontario

Dear Paul,

This is to let you know that we are delighted with our new premier equipment.

Dan & Christine did a wonderful workman, experienced job.

Premier is very fortunate to have Dan (carpenter, electrician, plumber, and overall installer) – with Christine as helper.  Please give Dan a Bonus or raise in pay – he deserves it.

A Chester walk-in bath was installed at our home in June 2006 and we are very pleased and satisfied with the features of the bath and appearance of our bathroom.

The easy step-in access, safety features and, in particular, the Premier Hydrotherapy system contributes to the overall comfort, relaxation and enjoyment of our bathing and most importantly to the soothing relief of arthritic aches and pains.

We consider the walk-in bath an excellent improvement to our bathroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Lint
Cayuga, ON

Thank you for a Premium Bathroom that is living up to my expectations.  Many of my nurses and Care Givers are very impressed.

Betty Richardson

Dear Sirs;

We are very pleased with the Chester spa that was recently installed in our bathroom.  Everything that was explained to us by Mr. John Canney was as he said.  The spa looks beautiful in our bathroom and makes it a pleasure to take a bath without fear of falling.

And Pierre and Ginette, who installed the spa, were a pleasure to have in our house.  Very professional and friendly and did an excellent job.  There was absolutely no mess after they had finished and they seemed to thoroughly enjoy their work.

We are very pleased with our decision and, once again, thanks to John Canney.  There was no sales pressure but we believed what he told us and we are glad that we did!

Thank you,
Catherine and John Doherty

Dear Paul,

I write to tell you how very pleased I am with my new ‘Washington 17’ model bath from Premier Bathrooms.  No –it’s more than that… … I am really quite thrilled, if that is not too grandiose a word to use about a bath!  In my disabled condition, which as you know, is quite serious, it is proving to be an absolute Godsend.

It really was the culmination of a combination of events, Paul.  Firstly, there was your own apparent integrity on the two occasions you visited me to describe and discuss the item and the contract with me.  And of course, you traveled quite a distance to come to my home.

Then there was the installation by Dan and Christine Masell, which was completed on August 12th.  I could not have wished for a more efficient contribution from am any team anywhere.  Where there were slight problems due to the configuration of my bathroom, Dan persisted until perfection was the result.  More importantly, their demeanor throughout the days of the installation was so highly commendable that it was a real pleasure to have them in my home.

And finally, there was my first bath – what bliss!  I trust all of this praise is not excessive.  Simply using that bath daily is an occasion for sheer joy!  Should the Head Office of Premier Bathrooms ever require a recommendation to be quoted publicly, they should note that they have a most satisfied client here.

Thank you once again.

Yours most sincerely,
Kenneth Irons

Dear Sir:

I am sending this letter to commend the three installers that installed our Premier tub the Feb. 27 weekend. Mr. Todd Bell, Michael Brown and Mike Dorosh, these three gentlemen were very professional in the work and helpful explaining our new system.  They made sure we were comfort and had no unanswered questions about our new tub before they left the work site.

These gentlemen are again to be commended for their professionalize, workmanship and are a benefit to your company.

Please express our appreciation for their fine work.

Dixon/Marlene Jackson

Dear Mr. Palik,

How did I ever survive without my Premier tub?!!

You came to my home and spent more time than was usual to convince me that I needed this tub – even returning after you had made an inspection out of town, that afternoon, to let me think and make a few calls.  That to me is above and beyond just service or trying to sell a product.

Stress and tiredness are the biggest enemies of my “disease” (cerebellar ataxia).  I now sleep until 5 or 6, in the AM, and my bed doesn’t look as if I had been fighting with someone all night!!  To sleep until that time is quite an accomplishment – I had worked before retirement in many parts of the world with different cultures, a 12 hour shift in a very busy and unpredictable setting for over 30 years.  My kitties thank you too – they can sleep all night on my bed undisturbed!!

As I mentioned in our telephone conversation, a few days after installation, I had a walking assessment to CCAC – in reviewing my history, hydrotherapy was recommended!! However I would wait forever in this city – imagine their surprise when I told them I had purchased a tub with Hydrotherapy!!

I know the cost was more than expected – however I cannot say enough about my (and yours) tub – safety, and now I can have a bath!!  That is why I have waited this long to write – to begin to experience the ongoing benefits (it will continue to do so – I am sure).  If you ever need anyone to “speak” for this tub, please call me.

Yours Truly,

Nancy Dodds
Barrie, Ontario

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