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The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bathtub is the beginning of your independence. It’s an evolution in comfort and an opportunity for you to safely stay in your home longer. While its design is simple, using it is even easier. An outward-opening door allows low, easy access to the bath. Constant support and stability are provided by a slip-resistant seat and strong, convenient handles. The Easy Bathe walk in bath is versatile enough to be installed in nearly any space, yet it provides twice the bathing depth of a traditional bathtub, allowing you to immerse your body in water and relax.

The Easy Bathe Walk-In Bath has an optional shower canopy for people who want a safer bathtub and shower. The optional shower comes complete with an adjustable shower head that can easily be moved to the ideal height for each bather. Premier’s signature Hydrovescent Therapy system is also available with the Easy Bathe, allowing the bather to transform their traditional bath-time into a luxurious hydrotherapy session that soothes away aches and pains while lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

Benefits and Features:

  • Easy, low-level entry
  • Wide door access for safer entry
  • Integral safety handle
  • Contoured, slip-resistant seat and backrest
  • Compact footprint of only 3 square feet
  • Corner or back-to-wall option
  • Left or right-hand door opening
  • Temperature-controlled hot water
  • Leak-free design, guaranteed
  • Hydrovescent Therapy option (hydrotherapy)

Design and Installation:

Our experienced designers will assist you in determining if the Easy Bathe will best suit your needs and your home. Our professional installers will make any necessary adjustments to your bathroom to ensure a perfect fit.

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