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The Momentum is perfect for people with very limited mobility. The Momentum’s slip-resistant power-lift chair with optional leg rest swivels into and out of the tub with the simple press of a button. Only the Momentum combines the gentle relief of our Hydrovescent Therapy with invigorating spa jets that stimulate and soothe your body. Immerse yourself in the bath while feeling safe and comfortable.

The bathtub can be used as a shower, and comes complete with an adjustable shower head that can easily be moved to the ideal height for each bather. The signature Hydrovescent Therapy system soothes away aches and pains while lowering blood pressure and reducing stress.

Benefits and Features:

  • Contoured, slip-resistant power seat with leg rest
  • Power seat that swivels, lifts and lowers into the bathtub
  • Temperature-controlled hot water
  • Full length bathing
  • Hydrovescent Therapy option to ease aches and pains
  • Invigorating spa jets to stimulate and soothe your body

Worried the Momentum won’t fit?

Our experienced designers will assist you in determining whether the Momentum will best suit your needs and your home, and our professional installers will make any necessary adjustments to your bathroom to ensure the perfect fit.

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  • Arthritis Friendly

    Ease-of-Use Commendation for Premier Care in Bathing
    Premier Care In Bathing is proud to have earned the Arthritis Friendly commendation from Canada’s largest organization for arthritis awareness, The Arthritis Society.
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